For over thirty years Pezzini Arredamenti avails itself of a consolidated network of designers, architects, and technicians, with whom it implements furnishing solutions for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, rest homes, hospitals, businesses, and community in general.

As a General Contractor, Pezzini, assists the customer during all stages of the design and the working implementation of the project, guaranteeing a specific solution to any design requirement. From the development of the layout to the environmental analysis, from the survey of the spaces to the selection of materials, from civil engineering works to the plant solutions, from the choice of doors, windows and shutters to floorings, from paintings to wallpapers, from false ceilings to furniture, all is followed in details. All plants are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the international regulations and are delivered together with a regular certificate of conformity to the relevant Laws and with a warranty certificate.

Pezzini avails itself of highly qualified technicians who are professionally trained to propose the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions, by taking a specific care of living and lighting comfort, of the hearing and thermal wellbeing and of the energy saving.
In order to guarantee the success of the project and its accurate implementation the Project Manager will personally follow the site organization, by assuring safety conditions, the inspection of working processes and the planning of the activities within the time and in full respect of the conditions agreed with the Customer, the respect of the agreed budgets and, then, upon delivery, also the after-sales support.

Pezzini Arredamenti has got a carpentry lab in which any kind of custom-made piece of furniture is manufactured, this ensures the highest quality standards and a unique “Italian lifestyle”. The company experience gained over decades of activity guarantees that the materials chosen for the furniture manufacture are not polluting, eco-friendly, solid and of excellent quality, and we are always in search for the novelties that the market proposes.

The design work is fundamental in order to be able to create a comfortable and unique structure by fulfilling the customers’ needs; for this reason Pezzini is pleased to collaborate with architectural firms and interior designers.